ß vive jovem
vive jovem

hey i'm sonnet
born in sao paulo
currently in california

Anonymous asked: Honestly you are... You add more stress on your life than necessary! Not the sonnet I enjoy being around.

why don’t you talk to me about it

Anonymous asked: you are so fake...

:( i’m really not

Anonymous asked: i promise that is not "false". when people were talking about who they were voting for and people said larry devon and miana said things similar to "yeah we're not voting for sonnet because she is being so cocky about it" "don't vote for her" and so on. just warning you to look out as to who your real friends are

all right thank you for your input

Anonymous asked: r u dating peter


Anonymous asked: Did you know Miana and Devon told everyone not to vote for you for treasurer because the only reason you were running was because you know you could have beat Larry



Jungle/tropical blog

Anonymous asked: i feel like everyone you become friends with eventually hates you after time